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Special care is taken with the creation of an orthosis in the aspect of correct skeletal alignment and returning the greatest amount of function to the individual. We generally prefer to evaluate all individuals in the presence of their Physical Therapist. When this is not possible, we will communicate with the Physical Therapist and Physician via phone calls, faxes, or e-mails. It is our belief that only with a team approach can an orthosis be properly created for the individual.

Casting and Measurements

Your initial evaluation with one of your practitioners will take approximately one hour, depending on what device your physician has prescribed. You might be casted on your first visit or the practitioner might take measurements which are needed to fabricate your custom device. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing such as shorts or other loose clothing to allow for measuring or casting.

The casting process is a simple process in which the practitioner takes a mold of your upper or lower extremities to make the orthotic device.

After our practitioner takes the proper measurements or cast of your upper or lower extremity, you are then given the choice of selecting an image from our selection of brace images and chose the colors you would like for your straps and pads.


The orthotic device takes about 2-3 weeks to be fabricated. Once the orthotic device is made, our office will contact you for a fitting appointment.

Fitting Appointment

Your fitting appointment will take about 30-45 minutes depending on the orthotic device prescribed to you. In this appointment our practitioner will instruct you on proper donning and doffing of your orthotic device as well as caring for your device.

Some examples of orthoses which can be provided by our practitioners include:

as well as many forms of upper extremity braces.