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What is an AFO?


AFO is an abbreviation for Ankle Foot Orthosis. This abbreviation decribes the joints that the device crosses. These devices are typically made of Polypropylene, Polythylene or Copolymer (which is a mixture of the first two). Each device is custom made to meet the individual needs of the child/adult. The shapes of the devices also very depending on the needs of the child. Some may have joints, while others do not. Some may be as high as the back of the knee while others stop just above the ankle bone. The number of straps and the location of the straps may also very from brace to brace.

These devices are used to increase stability around the ankle and foot for standing and walking. They also assist to maintain the position of the bones, mucles and joints of the ankle and foot in a proper alignment. Sometimes they are even used after serial casting, botox injection or post surgical to maintain the increased range of motion. Many children even use their braces during the night to obtain a prolonged stretch.